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Mentor Network

Providing Invaluable Knowledge to Tomorrow’s Innovators

The elmspring accelerator program aims to offer a robust, practical and constructive network of mentors to our startup clients. As a member of the network, individuals make a commitment of their time and expertise to fuel the development efforts of the most ambitious and talented startups in the industry. Whether you enjoy the entrepreneurial process, thrive on sharing knowledge, or wish to expand your own client networks, mentorship through the elmspring accelerator program may be the right fit for you. Typically, mentors are referred to us by a member of our Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, or existing mentors. We highly recommend contacting an existing member of our network to discuss your participation before contacting us. Acceptance as a mentor is by direct recommendation only.

Mentor Expectations

Mentors are responsible for assisting startup clients through counseling, coaching, and professional service consulting. Mentors will help client businesses resolve business concerns and generally support startups to improve their chances for long-term success. While mentors are expected to counsel start-ups to the best of their ability, advice is always on a voluntary basis.

Mentors are asked to commit to the following:

  • Required: Provide at least three hours per month of value-added consulting time per client (1-2 clients) at no cost
  • Optional: Provide feedback as solicited during the Board of Directors bi-annual application review process.
  • Optional: Host a business development training session (60-90 minutes) in your field of expertise.